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 We have 1 size gift box available currently - choose the medium box and fill it up with sweet goodness. Colour may vary with boxes depending on what is available from our suppliers - either black and white stripe or plain black box base.


Want to order more than one?  No problem - select the required quantities with our drop down menu.  If you have problems just give us a call 04 29 84889 and we will step you through the process. 

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Choose a gift container above, and then click on products from the categories below to add them to your Gift Box

Aniseed Balls
$4.00    Special
Manuka Honey Balls
Mixed Honey Drops
Polar Mints
Raspberry Drops
$4.50    Special
Sugar Free Barley Sugar
Sugar Free Butterscotch
Sugar Free Ice Mints
Sugar Free Lemon Melts
Sugar Free Pear Drops
Sugar Free Peppermint Cushions
Sugar Free Raspberry Melts
Aniseed Cough Tablets
$4.00    Special
Feijoa Drops
Coconut Ice
Fruit Jellies
Red Raspberry Rollups
A 400g treat of red raspberry
$11.00    Special
Almond Nougat
$4.00    Special
Apricot Nougat
Lemon and Ginger Nougat
$5.00    Special
Blueberry Nougat
Blueberry Nougat with Honey
Cranberry Nougat
$4.50    Special